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tipless cantilevers

Cdk1-mediated DIAPH1 phosphorylation maintains metaphase cortical tension and inactivates the spindle assembly checkpoint at anaphase

NANOSENSORS™ tipless cantilever for various applications in atomic force microscopy and force measurements

“Animal cells undergo rapid rounding during mitosis, ensuring proper chromosome segregation, during which an outward rounding force abruptly increases upon prometaphase entry and is maintained… 

Tipless cantilever arrays – Special Development List updated

NANOSENSORS Special Development List has been updated with completely new items: Tipless cantilevers arrays (qp-TL8) based on uniqprobe – uniform quality probe – technology. Similar to the uniqprobe cantilevers (i.e. qp-CONT), the cantilevers of these new arrays show an outstanding uniformity of their thicknesses leading to a strongly reduced dispersion of force constants and resonance frequenices compared with standard silicon cantilever arrays.